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manifest van de gecastreerde werkelijkheid
ed. by the author : Arnhem 1960
14 pages (25.2 × 16.3 cm)
edition 20 copies
[les livres et les publications 1]


[wit is overdaad]
ed. by the author : Arnhem 1960
20 p. (13.6 × 10.7 cm)
1st edition 120 copies, numbered
[les livres et les publications 2]



[wit is overdaad]
ed. by the author : Arnhem 1961
20 p. (13.6 × 10.7 cm)
2nd revised version issued in 120 copies (as was the first edition printed in 1960), numbered
[les livres et les publications 3]


no image available

met een inleiding door j.c. van schagen
m.j. israel : arnhem 1962
[200] p. (20 × 21.5 cm)
1st edition 5 copies, signed
[les livres et les publications 4]

The first version of wit was published in 1962 and had an edition of 5. The second version was published by Hansjörg Mayer in Stuttgart in 1967 in an edition of 500. The front and back were printed as well as the first page where there was an introduction by the poet J.C. van Schagen. But the following 250 pages were blank. The latest version is the most polished. The title and the names of the author, editor and preface author have been printed in a white band that surrounds the book, which is completely white this time. On the inside of the band, there are the words: "in this book, where all contradictions have been removed and the contents of which are suitable for everyone, where we have moved beyond all problems and where nothing is cut from reality or is unilateral, we can say that this is a positive contribution to the summary of the whole." In 2012 Zédélé Editions in Brest published a reprint of the 1980 edition.


no image available

herman de vries
[text by] d.w. van krevelen
edition wolfgang hake : köln 1965
(40 × 40 cm)
edition 15 copies, signed
[les livres et les publications 5]



rationale strukturen [V67-77]
[preface by siegfried maser]
edition hansjörg mayer : stuttgart 1967
(48 × 48 cm)
edition 40 copies, signed and 26 numbered a-z
portfolio with text and 13 embossed prints
[les livres et les publications 6]


wit weiss
[inleiding = einleitung] j.c. van schagen
edition hansjörg mayer : [stuttgart] 1967
250 p. (16 × 12 cm)
[2nd] edition 500 copies, numbered
[les livres et les publications 7]


herman de vries : permutierbarer text [v67-75]
futura 23
edition hansjörg mayer : stuttgart 1967
1 fol. (48 x 64 cm, folded 24 × 16 cm)
edition 1000 copies
includes text '[eine biogra[p]hie ...]
[les livres et les publications 8]

the first personal publication wherein language reappears was produced in 1967, the last year of herman de vries' membership in the zero group. it appeared in number 23 of the poster-journal of concrete poetry futura, edited by hansjörg mayer and is called permutierbarer text (permutable text). permuting, that is transposing words or letters on the space of the page is one of the favourite games of concrete poetry, the experimental poetry that herman de vries practiced after 1965. as an extension of geometric abstraction in painting (in which the zero group is involved) into the domain of titerature, concrete poetry demanded that poetry rid itself of description, narration and lyricism in favour of spatial poetry. this consists of disassembling language into formal non-semantic units in order to break the constraints of syntax and the linear structure of reading and in doing so allowing other possibilities, notably the visual. in permutierbarer text, however, it is not a question of suggesting a new configuration of signs and even less of giving shape to a defined image.
[source: Anne Moeglin-Delcroix, 'beyond language', in herman de vries. les livres & les publications (saint-yrieix-la-perche 2005) 31]



de lijnen [V68-161]
edition integration : arnhem 1968
(44 × 31 cm)
edition 7, numbered
[les livres et les publications 9]


vlakvolumen [V68-216]
edition i : arnhem 1968
(32.8 × 32.8 cm)
edition 3
[les livres et les publications 10]


no image available

change. an essay
ed. by the author : arnhem 1970
(12 × 12 cm)
edition 33
[les livres et les publications 11]

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herman de vries
les livres et les publications. catalogue raisonné

textes de herman de vries, Anne Moeglin-Delcroix, Didier Mathieu
centre des livres d'artistes
Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche 2005

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