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herman de vries. a random sample of the seeings of my beings
centre des livres d'artistes
saint-yrieix-la-perche 2010
[352] p. (15 × 21.5 × 3 cm)
booklet with photographs, b&w offset on semi-mat white paper
edition 300 copies
[les livres et les publications addenda 9]


herman de vries. ambulo ergo sum
Hybriden-Verlag : Berlin 2010
mimas atlas # 10
[20] pp (21.5 × 16 cm)
boards with letterpress-tile and original tipped-in color photo (each book a different photo) on front panel (hardcover). In cooperation with susanne de vries, Marion Reissner and Merik de Vries; with original artwork consisting of roots in a cellophane bag, signed and numbered on the opposite page. Including a DVD in color with a walk of herman de vries (49.56 minutes)
edition 50, signed and numbered (includes DVD)
[les livres et les publications addenda 8]


kant cant
eschenau editions - herman de vries : [eschenau] 2010
set of 9 postcards with texts from kant's gesammelte schriften; band VIII, kant's handschriften nachlaß, band VIII; opus posthum convolut I, p. 1-158, berlin und leibzig [sic] 1936
postcards with texts from eschenau summer press publications 60

texts and contributions

'konkrete poëzie. een essay', in IZ6 / ed. g.j. de rook (g.j. de rook : the hague 2010).

'[ambulo ergo sum]', in herman de vries. ambulo ergo sum. mimas atlas # 10 (Hybriden-Verlag : Berlin 2010) [5] p.

'10 steine, collected 04 1973, beach near el donar mirleft, south-morocco', in Mies Haus Magazin 2010. Periodikum zur Kultur der Moderne 6, no. 6 'Ueber Schönheit' (2010) 17-28.



herman de vries. - fragments -
concept herman de vries, in collaboration with susanne jacob de vries and marion reissner
Peter Foolen Editions : Eindhoven 2011
photography Bruno Schneyer, Zeil am Main
printing Lecturis, Eindhoven
56 p. (16.5 × 21 cm)
published in an edition of 300 numbered copies and a special edition of 17 copies, with enclosed an oak leaf from Eschenau on cardboard, collected Öllarn 22.8.2011; signed and numbered by the artist. Book with photographs of a collection of 25 natural fragments from the northern Steigerwald
[les livres et les publications addenda 10]


the walls of marrakech
Hybriden-Verlag : Berlin 2011
1 vol., unpaged (13 × 19 cm)
edition 15, numbered
65 original photographs and book with text in slipcase


searching for the source
the eschenau summer press publications 63
[herman de vries publisher] eschenau 2011
edition 108, numbered
DVD in folder (21 × 15 cm)
[les livres et les publications addenda 10]


het is = es ist
redactie/redaktion herman de vries, Cees de Boer
tekst en fotografie/text und fotografie herman de vries
ontwerp/entwurf Sepp Bader
Reeks/Reihe no. 6
Uitgeverij Dimter : Hengelo 2011
[24] p. (13.5 × 20.5 cm)
edition 250, numbered and signed
in these editions double talents, artists with visual as well as literary works, are proposed. The photographs are taken in an afternoon in the northern Steigerwald, Bavaria
[les livres et les publications addenda 10]

texts and contributions

[fliegenlandeplatz = landing field for flies], in Karin Sander. Gebrauchsbilder / mit Beitr. von/with contr. by Harald Welzer, John Waters, Hubertus Butin, and others (Verlag für Moderne Kunst : Nürnberg 2011) No. 42.

'het is = es ist', in het is = es ist / redactie = Redaktion herman de vries, Cees de Boer; tekst en fotografie = Text und Fotografie herman de vries. Reeks = Reihe no. 6 (Uitgeverij Dimter : Hengelo 2011) [8] p. (ill.). A translation in English and Spanish was published in herman de vries. chance &change / Kristine Guzmán (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León : Léon 2017) 127-128.

[contribution] in Geometrical abstract artworks and funparks / Krijn de Koning (Mondriaanhuis : Amersfoort 2011).

'to be here', in exhibition catalogue herman de vries (Blind Gallery : Tokyo 2011).



wit white
by herman de vries
Reprint Collection, curated by Anne Moeglin-Delcroix and Clive Phillpot
Zédélé Éditions : Brest 2012
Reprint from the edition artists press : bern 1980
352 p. (21 × 15 cm)

texts and contributions

'dit is ... het is', in Carlijn Mens, Preserved Places. Negende Tekeningencahier (Drawing Center Diepenheim : Diepenheim 2012) 12-13.



die wiese / the meadow
herman and susanne de vries & marion reissner (concept & photography)
published by Peter Foolen Editions & Lecturis, Eindhoven
320 p. (24 × 16.5 cm); hardcover, bound in linen
edition of 750 copies and a special edition of 34 + 2 copies, signed and numbered with two editions with dried leaves from the meadow


traces of joy
by carlijn mens, herman de vries; photography by susanne de vries
Published by Galerie Wit : Wageningen 2013
Printed by Aktivdruck, Ebelsbach
[12] fol. col. photos only (21.5 × 16.6 cm)
edition of 216 copies


infinity in finity
by herman de vries
Éditions Incertain Sens : Rennes 2013
printed by Grafix Centrum Poligrafii, Gdansk
[24] p. (21 × 16.6 cm)


die wolken / the clouds
eschenau summer press publications 70
[herman de vries publisher] eschenau 2013
edition 150, numbered
6 photographs and 1 poem

texts and contributions

'die wolken / the clouds', published in die wolken / the clouds eschenau summer press publications 70 (herman de vries : eschenau 2013).



herman de vries. being this joy experience unity
Published by Global Art Affairs in Leiden and Luiscius Books, 's Hertogenbosch, 2014
Personal Structures Art Projects number 8 (p.s.a.p. # 8)
green paper-covered cardboard box, containing a book: green cloth-covered boards with embossed title (hardcover), 24 x 17.5 x 5.5 cm. (244 pp.) text with coloured plates, + a CD housed in a cloth-covered cardboard holder with embossed title, both kept together in a green with embossed lettered cloth-covered cardboard cassette
edition 100 copies and a deluxe edition 50 copies


herman de vries. white
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam : Schiedam 2014
1 vol. unpaged (17 × 12 cm); softcover
the book 'white' is part of the combined catalogue published to accompany the exhibitions 'all' and 'no thing' in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and De Ketelfactory, Schiedam


herman de vries. à mes pieds
cairn centre d'art et musée gassendi, digne-les-bains 2014
printed by corlet
1 vol. unpaged (15 × 21 cm); softcover
collection of photographs by herman de vries


herman de vries. an katharina 2003-2013
published in 2013 [= 2014] by Lindgehrn-verlag, Henkerswiese
printed by Aktivdruck, Ebelsbach
86 p. (19 × 19 cm); softcover
edition 216
collection of poems, textworks and drawings by herman de vries. 'an katharina' is Katharina Winterhalter, close friend of susanne and herman de vries



herman de vries. ali baba visits marrakech
Hybriden Verlag : Berlin 2015
"mimas atlas # 18"
booklet with photographs + DVD and 2 collages by herman de vries
edition 100, signed and numbered


herman de vries. looking, smelling, hearing, etc.
temporary travelling press publications 71


herman de vries. zufall
temporary travelling press publications 71


herman de vries 'rosa damascena'
herman de vries & stedelijk museum schiedam 2015
3rd edition
printed by lecturis, eindhoven
typography peter foolen, eindhoven
dried rosebuds in white cardboard folder (21.5 × 15 × 1.6 cm)
edition of 324 + xxxi copies; the first two editions were published as number 25 by the eschenau summer press in 1984 and 1990

no image

[herman de vries : eschenau 2015]
28.4 × 21 × 4.2 cm
edition 1/1

texts and contributions

'toevalstekeningen', in herman de vries. toevalstekeningen = random objectivations (Kröller Müller Museum : Otterlo 2015) 8-9; translated in English and published as 'random objectivations' in herman de vries. toevalstekeningen = random objectivations (Kröller Müller Museum : Otterlo 2015) 8-11.



herman de vries. the earth museum catalogue
herman de vries : Eschenau 2016
2 volumes
volume I: index volume (30.3 × 21.4 × 2.5 cm)
volume II: catalogue, 472 sheets (32 × 23.5 × 7.1 cm)
edition 200, numbered and signed


herman de vries. kijk!
Den Boer / De Ruiter : Vlissingen 2016
Slibreeks no. 149
60 pp. (14.9 × 10.4 cm)



herman de vries. air - the music of sound 2
eschenau edition : eschenau 2017
recorded at linon studio, schonungen
lutz oldemeier
edition 108


herman de vries. in memoriam de koeien
Verbeke Foundation : Kemzeke 2017
photographs: Tineke Schuurmans
edition unknown


herman de vries. 'gestes' elf houtskooltekeningen = elf kohlezeichnungen
Kunstvereniging Diepenheim : Diepenheim October 2017
folded 35 × 25.5 cm
edition 54, numbered

texts and contributions

'die wiese', in Uniformagazine No. 10 (Summer 2017) 4-7 (only ills.).

'i am [Black Locust Tree (Robinia pseudoacacia)]', in Botanical Drift;? Protagonists of the Invasive Herbarium / Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll (Sternberg Press : Berlin 2017) 201-208 (ill.).

[interview] herman de vries. part (gráphõ : eschenau 2017). This booklet is the documentation of the conversation between herman de vries and Karlyn de Jongh, which took place at the home of herman de vries in Eschenau, Germany, on November 23, 2017. It is part of the art project gráphõ and has been published as a limited edition of 100 numbered pieces.

[poem] 'für christian', in Seelenlandschaften. Bilder der wahren Wirklichkeit - Festschrift zum 60. Geburtstag von Christian Rätsch / Claudia Müller-Ebeling (Hg.) (Nachtschatten Verlag : Solothurn 2017) 62.

'koeien', in herman de vries. in memoriam de koeien / Geert Verbeke, Tineke Schuurmans (Verbeke Foundation : Kemzeke 2017) [1] p.



herman de vries. my poetry is the world
Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden : Luang Prabang / Alta Volta Editions : Paris 2019
edition 600 + 130
the publication contains 4 posters (59 × 42 cm, folded 29.5 × 21 cm) one poster with the text of 'my poetry is the world' and one with the same text in Lao + 2 posters with a text by Anne Moeglin-Delcroix in English and French; in white cover; the special edition has also an earth rubbing (29.7 × 21 cm) by herman de vries and is covered by a handmade paper cover with title in red-brown (22.5 × 32.5 cm)

no image

herman de vries. die wiese am kheil 24.05.1976 - 10.06.1976
eschenau edition : eschenau 2019
edition 7, numbered and signed
series of 7 photographs made in 1976 and reproduced in 2019 as an edition

texts and contributions

'een paar herinneringen', in exhibition catalogue herman de vries. voor jullie voeten (Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar : Alkmaar / CatalogTree : Alkmaar 2019) 19-25.

'in memoriam kat willi', published for the exhibition 'De laatste Aai: eerbetoon aan dode dieren', in Nederlands Uitvaart Museum Tot Zover, Amsterdam (2019); reprinted for the catalogues herman de vries. vergehen (Museum für Sepulkralkultur : Kassel 2021) and herman de vries * vergaan (Nederlands Uitvaart Museum Tot Zover : Amsterdam 2022) added loose sheet, folded.

bibliographic references

cover les livres et les publications
herman de vries
les livres et les publications. catalogue raisonné

textes de herman de vries, Anne Moeglin-Delcroix, Didier Mathieu
centre des livres d'artistes
Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche 2005

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