portrait herman de vries
portrait herman de vries
photo Julia Henfling (2021)

current exhibitions

upcoming exhibitions

  • Galerie Geiger, Konstanz (May 2023)
  • Bert Kuipers Kunsthandel, Enschede (June 4-6, 2023)
  • Galerie Sturm & Schober, Vienna (September 2023)

new editions/publications

  • herman de vries bron (Uitgeverij De Zwaluw : Den Haag 2021). The material for this publication is a representation of the stories as told by herman de vries to his son Vince in the period 2018–2019. This source material is regarded by herman de vries as the basis for his artistry. He wants to make it available in unedited form for future researchers (in Dutch). More information, contact: De Zwaluwkamer.