poem for everyone (1969)

for a
tions of
words. re-
ducing our lan-
guage material
to semantic signs
free associations
give new ideas. free-
ing language from
everyday meanings means
liberation through means
of language. // to change
language in a changing
world. a language which re-
stricts thinking to conven-
tions is no longer applicable.
so a few will use language, not
only as a game, not only because
of a formalistic need to experi-
ment, but using it according to ba-
koenin because "the wish to destroy
is at the same time a creative wish".
// can we say tyhat our society is in
good order? is it not rather a complexi
ty of mostly un- or badly coordinated sub-
orders at cross-purposes, hardly touching
each other (in the clearest of cases), which
are completely arbitrary and exist historical-
ly a-synchronically? komplexity, it might be bet-
ter to aim at a flexible multi-form society, which
because of inevitable partial information will al-
ways try for relative positions, rather than to think
in terms of order. // chance, wonderful word to disco-
ver. // a word, a phrase are like a skin.they are the
wrapping with which we indicate more than we really
know. a word would be a speculation towards reality, if
we didn't use it according to agreement. a word is an a-
greement as to meaning and correlation. language is one of
our possibilities to have a grip on reality. words, language
participate in this reality. breaking off the agreement means
changing reality, in other words participating by working with
it. the changing of a part of reality is taking it for what it
is worth - real - ity - realness - each realness brings change. eve-
ry change brings realness. // constructive thinking cannot use con-
formism because this is a limitation undermining independence and
reducing the possibility of independence and reducing the possibility
of added value. // when talking about language a vocabulary is used that
is excellent for other means of communication as for instance a figure.
// psychologically we need means to identification corresponding to our
way of life and present environment. especially for art this is a question
of experiment and integration to find this means and use them. // one point
is decisive for the space around itself, give tension to it. // meaning and
truth are not connected a priori. // why should it use as criterium for work a
unity of an image because formulating, finding a given form is so important for
me? an a-form is also a form and certainly a formulation.// it is often thought
that rationalism can only be used in connection with commerce and sometimes scien-
ce. this is a concept which divides culture and places art outside active life. // to
stay young we need only follow the avant garde. they represent grosso modo the thoughts
of our time in its changes and dynamics. the problem is knowing what the avant-garde is
knowing what the avant-garde is at a given moment.     herman de vries

source: herman de vries, 'poem for everyone = et digt til alle', in exhibition information Panel 13 Information / Ung Dansk Kunst, Copenhagen n° 3 (1969) 4 p. (31 × 22 cm). Reprinted in to be. texte - textarbeiten - textbilder (Stuttgart 1995) 70.