my poetry is the world (1973)

my poetry is the world
i write it every day
i rewrite it every day
i see it every day
i read it every day
i eat it every day
i sleep it every day

the world is my chance
it changes me every day
my chance is my poetry

source: herman de vries, 'my poetry is the world', written 1972 and published in exhibition catalogue Kijkijk 73. Expositie van Nederlandse visuele poezie (Galerie De Vaart : Hilversum 1973) with indication: statement. Reprinted in herman de vries : vijf manifesten over taal - en een gedicht = fünf manifeste über sprache - und ein gedicht ... (artists press : bern 1975), in to be : texte - textarbeiten - textbilder (Stuttgart 1995) 85 and in many other publications and catalogues. Also executed in stone in pavement in front of Havendijk no. 40, Gorinchem (1974), without the lines 4 and 7. 2nd. print as a poster in Lao and English, Vientiane (1975). The text was translated in many languages and published in my poetry is the world / edited by Lydia Megert, Paris (Eschenau 2002).

The spoken text is recorded by Rainer Pließ for Master Peace Records, Sulzheim - November 2004 and added to herman de vries : les livres et les publications; catalogue raisonné / textes de herman de vries, Anne Moeglin-Delcroix, Didier Mathieu (Centre des livres d'artistes : Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche 2005).

my poetry 1973
handwritten text by herman de vries for his daughter Mirjam, ca 1973-1974 [collection Mirjam de Vries, Zoetermeer]