1931born in Alkmaar
1949-1951gardening school, Hoorn
1951-1952agricultural work in France
1952-1956Institute for Research in Plant Diseases, Wageningen
1953"beginning of my life as an artist"
informal drawings and paintings
1956-1962informal collages
1959-1963white paintings
1960manifest of castrated reality [manifest van de gecastreerde werkelijkheid]
white is superabundance [wit is overdaad]
white objects
1961nul / zero
[revue] nul = 0
1961-1968Institute for Applied Biological Research in Nature, Arnhem
1962random objectivations [toevalsobjectiveringen]
white, other editions and reprints in 1967, 1980 and 2012
the music of sound
1964revue integration
1965first experiments with language
er zijn geen tegenstellingen
1967travels to Eastern Europe and Russia
beginning sketchbooks
1969travels to Algeria, Sahara, Tunisia and Turkey
first psychedelic experiences
'die lust zur zerstörung ist zugleich eine schaffende lust'
'wat is rationeel?'
1970travels from Turkey to Iran, Afghanistan, India and the Seychelles
at home: Eschenau
the real works
1971travels to Southern India and Ceylon
1972'my poetry is the world'
chance and change
experiments with film and photography
1973travels to Morocco, Rio de Oro, Mauretania and Senegal
a random sample of the seeings of my beings
chance felder
1974travels to Nepal, India, Thailand and Laos
eschenau summer & temporary travelling press publications
'to be all ways to be'
1975poésie actuelle
here & everywhere
exposition complète de luang-prabang
the poet in his poetry
1976travels to India
'this & no thing'
'documents of a stream'
le jardin sans jardinier
'true philosophy is immediate actual'
1977the dust of some roads & a leaf from a tree
no-name or no name
1978travels to Sikkim
'earth museum'
1979film notes
16 dm²
1980'werke 1954-1980', Groninger Museum
'gestern nicht kunst angefangen'
1981long stay in Los Acevinos, La Gomera
1982les très riches heures de herman de vries
travels to Morocco
natural relations
from earth
1984mind moving
film and publication 'belladonna'
'die marokkanische sammlung'
travels to Senegal
1985scottish diary, first journal, continued to the present
1986the meadow/die wiese
1989das verschlossene paradies
human life
1991integration. journal for mind-moving plants and culture
le témoin
1992'terre, vie et poésie', Mouans-Sartoux
'the real works', Edinburgh
'remember gustav theodor fechner'
1993botanische werke
sanctuary Stuttgart
1995'physics & metaphysics are one'
1997Contemporary Sculpture. Projects in Münster 1997
sanctuary Münster
1997-1998watergoed, Weerribben (Overijssel)
1998 to presenttuindorpcollecties tilburg [start slideshow]
1999ambulo ergo sum
1999-2001sanctuary zeewolde [start slideshow]
1999-2003bois sacré and sanctuaire de roche rousse, Digne-les-Bains
1999 to present'traces', Digne-les-Bains [start slideshow]
2001'philosophische bemerkungen'
2002'wynfrith me caesit - herman me recreavit', Düsseldorf
'different & identic', Lausanne
2003-2005'sacred space', created for the State of Sabotage territory in Baldrockistan (Australia) [start slideshow]
2006 to presentspuren [traces] in the Steigerwald [start slideshow]
2007-2010steigerwald cosmology
2008bomenmuseum, The Hague [slideshow]
holy days
veritas existentiae
2009'unity', Kröller Müller Museum, Otterlo
'all this here', Schloss Moyland and Kunsthalle Schweinfurt (2010)
2010'es ist da', Mies van der Rohe Haus, Berlin
2011'i am', Kunstvereniging Diepenheim
'searching for the source'
2013im winter auf dem grossen knetzberg • ein journal
2014selected for the Venice Biennale 2015
'all' and 'no thing', Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
the water lilies, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim [start slideshow]
from the laguna of venice - a journal -
2015Biennale Arte 2015, Venice [start video]
sanctuary natura mater, Lazaretto Vecchio, Venice
'basic values', Erasmus Huis, Jakarta [start video]
2016'sculptures trouvés', Ernst Barlach Haus, Hamburg
2017herman de vries wintergarden, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim [start slideshow]
'chance & change', MUSAC, Léon (SP)
portrait herman de vries 2004

herman de vries in his studio, Eschenau (2014)
[photo Joana Schwender, Hassfurt]