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You can leave a message for herman de vries using the contact form below. herman is not online and I will send it to herman by post. You can also ask a question. If possible I will answer this question or send it to herman. Please don't forget to add your address and/or telephonenumber where herman can contact you.

Sie können das unten stehende Kontaktformular benutzen, um eine Nachricht zu hinterlassen für herman de vries. herman ist nicht online aber Ich werde es herman per Post schicken. Sie können hier auch Ihre Frage stellen. Wenn möglich, werde ich diese Frage beantworten oder an herman schicken. Bitte Anschrift und/oder Telefon hinzufügen wo Sie zu erreichen sind.

Co Seegers, Amsterdam

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A number of summer press publications is still available. Click here to see the list (pdf).


co seegers

This website is compiled and maintained by Co Seegers, Amsterdam. I'm not a professional art historian, but as historian and librarian (at the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam) well-trained in archiving and historiography. I started the website because in my view herman de vries is one of the most important artists today, whose work is totally necessary and urgent.


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