2007-05-00-070a  2007-05-00-070b

no word (statement II)

catalogue number: hdv 2007.074.
date created: 2007
classification: editions & publications
work type: photograph, statement
medium: the colour photo documents the statement (performance) 'no word' [with Marion Reißner, photo susanne jacob de vries]; includes also a sheet with text by Matsuo Basho (1644-1694) from his The Narrow Road to the Deep North (29.7 × 21 cm) and a sheet with the text 'no word' in the center (30.3 × 21 cm); in grey cover printed title and artist on label
dimensions: 30.3 × 20.2 cm
cover 31 × 22 cm
signature and inscriptions: on the reverse of the cover printed label with colophon and handwritten signatures and number
edition: eschenau edition 2007
edition 17, numbered 1/17 - 17/17
current repository: [15/17] collection herman and susanne de vries
current repository number:
collecting history:
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photo/scan: studio herman de vries/susanne jacob de vries
rights & reproduction: herman de vries/susanne jacob de vries
exhibition history
2009 'herman de vries. all this here - natur: werkgruppen und installationen', Schloss Moyland, Bedburg Hau
2010 'herman de vries. all this here - natur: werkgruppen und installationen', Kunsthalle Schweinfurt, Schweinfurt
2019 'De naakte waarheid', Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede [group]
published references
monograph herman de vries (Fage Éditions : Lyon / Musée Gassendi : Digne-les-Bains 2009) image repr. on page 174.
exhibition catalogue herman de vries. all this here; natur: werkgruppen und installationen (Stiftung Museum Schloss Moyland : Bedburg Hau 2009) image repr. on page 125, 133 (catalogue 41).
monograph Cees de Boer, herman de vries. overal stroomt mijn oog (Uitgeverij De Kunst/Waanders : Zwolle 2014) image repr. on page 149, 180.
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