sanctuary Zeewolde

catalogue number: hdv 2001.111.1
date created: 1999-2001
classification: installations
work type: outdoor installation
medium: earth, brick, steel, gold leaf, briar rose bushes (rosa canina)
in Zeewolde, herman de vries created a sanctuarium in the context of the temporary art project 'ARTificial NATURAL NETWORKS' (2000-2001). It is a piece of land that is surrounded by a bank of earth planted with rosebushes, which no-one can enter anymore. The term 'sanctuary' refers both to a shrine and to a nature reserve. For herman de vries, this sanctuarium (1999-2001) should be a space that is both protected and respected.
dimensions: Ø 30 × 3.3 m
signature and inscriptions: [uninscribed]
current repository: Zeewolde (Woldstrand/Nuldernauw)
current repository number:
collecting history:
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comment: this work of art belongs to the permanent collection of 'De Verbeelding'. The activities of 'De Verbeelding' ceased in 2005 because the art pavilion no longer received a subsidy from the national government. The artworks are no longer maintained and the sanctuary is gradually being overgrown by nature.
photo/scan: Trudy van Riemsdijk-Zandee (2002-2009); Eva and Wolfgang Aull, Eschenau (2019)
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
published references
monograph Cees de Boer, 'alles is altijd overal, of: de wind is een groot reiziger', in Trudy van Riemsdijk-Zandee (red.), Kunstmatige natuurlijke netwerken. 11 projecten op het web, in het bos, langs de dijk, in het water en in het dorp Zeewolde (De Verbeelding : Zeewolde 2001) 8 pages (ill.); also English edition.