santuary Stuttgart

catalogue number: hdv 1993.11.
date created: 1993
classification: installations
dimensions: Ø12 m and height 2.65 m
signature and inscriptions:
current location: Stuttgart
collecting history:
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comment: the first [sanctuary] (1993) is situated on a grassy knoll of unused ground at a busy road junction in Stuttgartand consists of a circular enclosure of pointed steel stakes, each resembling a Roman spear with a gold spearhead. In this protected space the ground is safe from the city maintenance department whose task it is to tidy up and destroy 'weeds'. Such plants and wild flowers as will colonise the little sanctuary will be leÍt in peace, such trees as will seed themselves there will grow to the height that natural circumstances will determine. What happens in this untouchable little domain is visible to all who cross the road and care to look; to those speeding by it will be as insignificant as any other piece of waste ground glimpsed from a carwindow. It is a tiny nature sanctuary, an exemplary demarcation and protection of what de vries calls terrain vague
source: Mel Gooding, herman de vries. chance and change (Thames & Huson : London 2006) 124]
photo/scan: Edzard Klapp, Stuttgart
rights & reproduction: herman de vries