herman de vries


im winter auf dem grossen knetzberg  ein journal, 2013In his many journeys to other places in the world, however exotic or remote those places may seem to be, it is what de vries prosaically calls the 'facts' that make their way into the journals that he creates as a documentation and a record. As with the seeings of my beings, it is what singles itself out from the infinite diversity of possibilities that is caught in the frames of the journals, which are composed of random samples thus encountered in whatever place the artist finds himself at a given moment. How could any plant, blade of grass, leaf, shell, rabbit dropping or earth specimen be more significant than any other? Every natural object is like Blake's 'ev'ry bird' - 'an immense world of delight'. 'If the doors of perception were cleansed' wrote Blake elsewhere, thinking of the 'clos'd senses five', 'every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.' For de vries, the opening of the senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell - and the consequent expansion of consciousness are primary purposes of art [...]

1985scottish diary
1989diary of a visit to pashupatinath, january-february (44 parts)
1991journal de mouans-sartoux
1995journal de bienne
1995journal de el hierro
1996journal of a visit to leros and patmos
1997journal d'une visite à l'île ste. marguerite le 9me avril
1998journal of a visit to the 'weerribben' and surroundings, 12-30 may 1998
1999journal de maroc
1999journal de la gomera
2000journal de digne (45 parts)
2002journal vom alten buchenwald, kleinengelein
2002eschenauer journal, januar-dezember 2002 (173 parts)
2004journal cañadas de teide, tenerife (25 parts)
2009journal la palma, la palma, march 2009 (51 parts)
2011journal: from a trip to immessouane (18/25 parts)
2011journal de marrakech (28 parts)
2013im winter auf dem grossen knetzberg ein journal (23 parts)
2013entre essaouira et ait amira - el khemis (45 parts)

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Passage from Mel Gooding, herman de vries : chance and change (Thames and Hudson : London 2006) 91, 95-96. © Mel Gooding; courtesy Mel Gooding.

im winter auf dem grossen knetzberg ein journal, 2013 [Photo Bruno Schneyer, Zeil am Main]