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herman de vries and the eschenau chaos band

catalogue number: hdv 2018.072.1
date created: 2018
classification: audiovisual works
work type: sound work
medium: LP recording made on June 18, 2011 in Eschenau [part 1: 24.14 min. and part 2: 12.26 min.]; recording and production Rainer Pließ (side A) and Vince de Vries (side B); with liner notes by herman de vries and photos by Wolfgang Aull of the event on the back sleeve
dimensions: 36.34 min. (duration), 31.5 × 31.5 cm (size)
signature and inscriptions:
edition: 300, 108 signed
published by Edition Telemark : Berlin 2018
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related works: this is the second recording of the 'eschenau chaos band'. The first recording was made on the occasion of herman de vries' 65th birthday in 1996 and released in 2004 on the CD 'the music of sound/the sound of music'
comment: annotation by herman de vries: "at the summer party on the occasion of my soon-to-be 80th birthday, many friends came. as it said on the invitation: 'the eschenau chaos band will play.' while the party was going on, people asked me when that band would be playing, and i replied: 'now! you are that band', and i randomly handed out all of these instruments. hartmut geerken was clued in and had brought some as well – sun ra's sun harp among others. i started with a moroccan hand drum, bendir, and off it went. unpractised."
photo/scan: courtesy Edition Telemark, Berlin
rights & reproduction: herman de vries