2006-00-00-074a  2006-00-00-074b

unterwegs/on the road. statement

catalogue number: hdv 2006.074.
date created: 2006
classification: statements
work type: statement, photograph
medium: 2 colour photos document the statement (performance) 'unterwegs/on the road', in the Steigerwald
dimensions: each photo 30 × 20 cm
signature and inscriptions:
current repository: collection herman and susanne de vries
current repository number:
collecting history:
related works:
photo/scan: studio herman de vries/susanne jacob de vries (left) and herman de vries (right)
rights & reproduction: herman de vries/susanne jacob de vries
exhibition history
2021 'herman de vries. be here', Galerie Block C, Groningen
published references
contribution statements [III] (eschenau editions : eschenau 2007) [14-15]