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sacred space, baldrockistan

catalogue number: hdv 2005.112.1
date created: 2003-2005
classification: installations
work type: environment
medium: engraved gold typographic and hand outlines on natural stones, wooden sign
for the SoS territory in Baldrockistan herman de vries created a 'sacred space', a spiritual spot, which could be discovered just with the intensity of the place and the person himself. In the territory various text inserts are engraved into rocks.
dimensions: installation on 800 m²
signature and inscriptions: uninscribed
current repository: Baldrockistan (SoS)
current repository number:
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comment: the text on the sign: here you enter / the sacred space / of baldrockistan / state of sabotage / silence / no concepts / no thoughts / no ideas / no clothes / be aware / i don't take anything from here! (2003)
In 2003, the State of Sabotage - SoS acquired near Bald Rock National Park in Queensland, Australia, 6.5 km&2sup; of land and its flag flown for the first time on its own territory. The site was chosen because it is close to Tenterfield, where the founding father Henry Parks gave a speech in 1889 in which he advocated the merger of the Australian Colonies became a new nation. The town of Tenterfield is seen as the birthplace of the Nation. Centuries earlier, the area is said to be of great importance to the 'Jukambal', Aboriginal residents of the region. Jukambal means 'great mountain' in the language of the Aborigines. 'Bald Rock' was a meeting place where Aboriginal Nations met. The tribal chiefs could come together in this place without the need to cross the country one another group. So it was a neutral place that served as the borderline of the Nations.
[source (translated from the German): Irina Ulrike Andel, Micronations. Konstituierte Staaten in konstruierten Welten. Zur historischen Entwicklung von Mikronationen und ihren gegenwärtigen Ausprägungen. Diplomarbeit Universität Wien (October 2010) 59].
rights & reproduction: herman de vries