les fenêtres
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les fenêtres

catalogue number: hdv 2004.111.1a-h
date created: 2004-2005
classification: installations
work type: installation
medium: based on an idea of susanne jacob de vries, herman de vries had 8 small round circles cut in very old rock in the Vallon des Descoure, near Digne-les-Bains. With that he made visible a glimpse of the richness contained in these massifs
signature and inscriptions: uninscribed
current repository: Vallon de Descoure, Digne-les-Bains
current repository number:
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comment: 'les fenêtres from left to right: triassic dolomite (-210 to -230 million years) | black limestone of the Domerian (-183 million years) | Hettangian black limestone (-200 million years) | marly limestones of Sinemurien (193 million years) | black limestone of the Domerian (-183 million years). The other 'fenêtres are: 'Norian or Rhetian yellow dolomite (-205 million years) and two 'fenêtres' Carixian hard flint limestone (-187 million years).
photo/scan: courtesy Frederike Doeleman, France (2021)
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
published references
exhibition catalogue herman de vries (Fage Éditions : Lyon / Musée Gassendi : Digne-les-Bains 2009) images repr. on pages 158-165.
guide L'art en marche. 20 randonnées d'art contemporain (Musée Gassendi : Digne-les-Bains 2012) 60-61.