vulcanic earth I and II

catalogue number: hdv 1995.052.a-b
date created: 1995
classification: rubbings
work type earth rubbing series
medium: red vulcanic earth (soil, collected on El Hierro) rubbed on paper
dimensions: (2 ×) 102 × 73 cm
signature and inscriptions: I: [titled, signed and dated on the front (pencil)] from earth: montagna colorado, hierro // herman de vries 1995
[on the reverse, top left (pencil)] vulcanic earth I 1995 [center] herman de vries 1995, I, I, II (2-teilig)

II: [on the front, lower left (pencil)] from earth solignac herman de vries 1995
[titled, signed and dated on the reverse (pencil)] vulcanic earth II 1995 [center] herman de vries 1995, II, I, II (2-teilig)

current repository: collection Lenz Schönberg, Söll (acquired directly from the artist ca. 1997)
current repository number: VR 20-21
collecting history:
related works:
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
published references
collection catalogue The Zero Era. The Lenz Schönberg Collection : Living in Art Vol. 1 (Hatje Cantz : Ostfildern 2009) image repr. on page 432-433.