- das prachtnetz - (brahmajala sutta)

catalogue number: 1995-
executed: 1995
classification: works on paper
object/work type: word drawing
technique/material: color pencils, white paper
dimensions: 50.0 × 70.0 cm
signature and inscriptions: [on the front, lower left (pencil)] - das prachtnetz - (brahmajala sutta) (digha nikaya 1)
[right] herman de vries 1995
current location: collection herman and susanne de vries
collecting history:
related works:
comment: The Digha Nikaya (Collection of Long Discourses) is a Buddhist scripture, the first of the five nikayas, or collections. The Brahmajala Sutta is the first of 34 suttas in the Digha Nikaya (the Long Discourses of the Buddha). The name means Net (jala - net, netting, entanglement) of Brahma.
photo/scan: studio herman de vries/Joana Schwender
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
exhibition history
2016 'herman de vries. arbeiten auf papier', Kornhausgalerie, Weingarten
published references
exhibition catalogue herman de vries. arbeiten auf papier (Kornhausgalerie Weingarten : Weingarten 2016) image repr. on page [51].