from earth: from around biel

catalogue number: hdv 1994.052.
date created: 1994
classification: works on paper
work type: earth rubbing
medium: 37 samples of earth/soil, collected around Biel/Bienne - Switzerland, rubbed on paper
dimensions: 37 sheets each 70 × 50 cm
signature and inscriptions: titled [see 'extended description' and with number referring to the 'earth museum catalogue', although not corresponding with the actual numbering], signed and dated on the front of each sheet (graphite pencil)
current repository: unknown
current repository number:
collecting history:
related works:
photo/scan: studio herman de vries/Bruno Schneyer, Zeil am Main
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
extended description
top row, left to right:

1. 'from earth: westlich von le cernil'

2. 'from earth: evilard'

3. 'from eart: steinbruch bei romont'

4. 'from earth: westlich von le cernil'

5. 'from earth: bözingenberg: rieder'

6. 'from earth: steinbruch bei les rochers'

7. 'from earth: biel: bözingenbergstr.'

8. 'from earth: petersinsel'

9. 'from earth: biel: bözingenberg-steinbruch'

10. 'from earth: biel: michelsboden'

11. 'from earth: jäisberg: petinesca'

12. 'from eart: biel: obergässli'

2nd row, from left to right:

13. 'from earth: jäisberg'

14. 'from earth: wingreis'

15. 'from earth: petersinsel'

16. 'from earth: ziegelmoos'

17. 'from earth: jorat'

18. 'from earth: twannschlucht'

19. 'from earth: lamboing - les charbonises'

20. 'from earth: isleren dünen'

21. 'from earth: steinbruchy bei les rochers'

22. 'from earth: fôret de jorat (unterhalb sexwiese)'

23. 'from earth: jorat: jardin robert'

24. 'from earth: bei lengnau'

3rd row, left to right:

25. 'from earth: nidansberg, bei alte eiche'

26. 'from earth: jäisberg'

27. 'from earth: steinbruch bei les rochers'

28. 'from earth: steinbruch near romont'

29. 'from earth: sibirien'

30. 'from earth: biel: steinbruch bösingenbergstr.'

31. 'from earth: pâturage de sagne'

32. 'from earth: biel: michelsboden'

33. 'from earth: steinbruch bei les rochers'

34. 'from earth: twammschlucht'

35. 'from earth: bözingenberg: rieder'

36. 'from earth: tüscherz'

37. 'from earth: michelsboden'

exhibition history
1997 'herman de vries. from earth - von der erde', Städtische Galerie am Markt, Schwäbisch Hall
2014 'herman de vries. zero is the gate', Galerie Geiger, Konstanz
2015 'herman de vries. zufall : werke von 1965 bis 2015', Galerie Hoffmann, Friedberg
2017 'herman de vries. on the stony path', Groundwork Gallery, Kings Lynn
published references
exhibition history herman de vries. zero is the gate (Galerie Geiger : Konstanz 2014) image repr. on page 10-11.