exhibition view Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum, Hagen (1989)

das verschlossene paradies

catalogue number: hdv 1989.111.7
date created: 1989
classification: installations
work type: installation
medium: the installation 'das verschlossene paradies' [the locked paradise] consisted of a greenhouse, placed in the museum, containing 21 living specimens [see 'extended description'], collected by herman de vries, of 21 'mind-moving' plants. The glass house had to be closed to visitors (drugs)
signature and inscriptions: uninscribed
current repository: temporary installation
current repository number:
collecting history:
related works: in 1996 'the locked paradise' was shown again in the exhibition 'Trilogi. Kunst-Natur-Videnskab = Trilogy. Art-Nature-Science', Copenhagen/Odense
photo/scan: archive herman de vries (1989)
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
extended description
the 21 plants in the greenhouse:
  1. datura stramonium
  2. coleus blumei
  3. datura stramonium var. tatula lila
  4. papaver somniferum - 'poppy'
  5. datura metel
  6. nicotiana rustica
  7. brugmansia candida - 'angels trumpet'
  8. petunia
  9. brugmansia suaveolens
  10. solandra nitida
  11. cannabis indica - 'early girl'
  12. sophora secundiflora
  13. withania somnifera - 'dreamroot'
  14. trichocereus pachanoi san pedro
  15. ipomoea purpurea - 'alba'
  16. lophophora williamsii
  17. ipomoea violacea - 'purple morning glory'
  18. ocimum sanctum
  19. brunfelsia grandiflora
  20. coffea arabica
  21. thea sinensis
exhibition history
1989 'herman de vries. natural relations. eine skizze', Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum, Hagen
published references
text herman de vries, 'das verschlossene paradies', in herman de vries. to be : texte - textarbeiten - textbilder (Stuttgart 1995) 132-133.