flora incorporata

catalogue number: hdv 1987.081.1
date created: 1988
classification: editions & publications
work type: artist's publication
medium: to the title on the title page [5] 'flora incorporata' is added 'ich bin was ich bin' and followed by a page [7] with the sankrit 'oum!' and 461 names of the plants that herman de vries took up until the winter of 1987, and to which he recalled in this order; the name of the plants is in many languages; the pages 468-476 are empty. The book is dedicated to Albert Hoffmann (1906-2008) and has series title 'natural relations II'
dimensions: 18 × 13 × 3.2 cm
signature and inscriptions: numbered and signed below the imprint
edition: ottenhausen verlag, [piesport] 1988 ISBN 3-922760-25-2; gesamtherstellung in der abtei münsterschwarzach
edition 300, numbered 1/300 - 300/300
special edition 15, numbered I/XV-XV/XV; the special edition contains dried plants, seeds in bags, colour photographs and handwritten additions on the emty pages. )
current repository: [III/XV] private collection, Amsterdam
[VII/XV] private collection, The Hague
[*/300] collection Victoria & Albert Museum, London
current repository number:
collecting history:
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photo/scan: studio herman de vries/Joana Schwender
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
exhibition history
1989 'herman de vries. natural relations – eine skizze', Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum, Hagen
1990 'herman de vries a phantom & a dream', Galerie Mueller-Roth, Stuttgart
2015 'herman de vries. to be all ways to be', Biennale Arte 2015, Dutch Pavilion, Venice
published references
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