catalogue number: hdv 1976.081.5
date created: 1975/1976
classification: editions & publications
work type: artist's publication, stamp art
medium: volume 5 of the series 'the eschenau summer press & temporary travelling press publications': 1 sheet of white paper with stamps in red ink on both sides; texts in English 'Things that exist internally as long as the thought lasts and things that are externally related to two points of time, are all merely imaginations. Their distinction is not caused by anything else.' and Sanskrit (source of the text: mandukya karika) and on the reverse in printed handwriting 'i am not sure are you ¿'; in white cover with printed title, artist and impressum and colophon on the reverse of the last page; some copies with stamp in red of the distributor 'artists press - bern'
dimensions: 21 × 15 cm
signature and inscriptions: handwritten number in the colophon (graphite pencil)
edition: the summer press and temporary travelling press publications / herman de vries 8729 eschenau brd publisher / artists press bern sole distributor / printed by oeckler hassfurt/main / copyright by herman de vries 1976
edition 150, numbered 1-150
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photo/scan: collection l-cs
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
published references
catalogue Stempelkunst = Stamp-Art / samengesteld door = edited by G.J. de Rook (Exp/press : Utrecht [1976]) images repr. on last page.
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