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asiatische & eschenauer texte

catalogue number: hdv 1975.080.
date created: 1975
classification: printed matter
work type: printed matter
medium: the portfolio includes 16 separate pages in different sizes and 1 page with table of contents (photocopy, 29.7 × 21 cm), printed and handwritten texts, collages of leaves, paint over newspapers, a series of photographs in color; grey cardboard portfolio, sticker with name of the artist, title, publisher and year of publication in print
dimensions: variable dimensions (portfolio 65.1 × 45.2 × 1 cm)
signature and inscriptions: some pages numbered and dated
edition: 100 copies, numbered
published by verlag artists press : Bern 1975
current repository: [46/100] private collection, Amsterdam [?/100] collection Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Stuttgart (rep. number AS 2016/3241)
current repository number:
collecting history:
related works:
comment: the portfolio contains the following works:
  1. 'to be' postcard printed on rice paper by Sangam-Press, Kathmandu [1974]
  2. 'different & identic (30.5 × 39 cm) in English and Nepalese on thin paper by Himali Chapakhana, Pokhara; signed (pencil) on the reverse
  3. 'different' [??] (30.5 × 39 cm) in Nepalese on thin paper by Himali Chapakhana, Pokhara; signed (pencil) on the reverse
  4. 'some restaurants in kathmandu', printed by Sangam-Press : Kathmandu 1974
  5. poster with statement 'my poetry is the world' in Lao and English printed by Laovathana : Vientiane
  6. poster with text 'poesie actuelle | EXPOSITION | COMPLETE | de | luang-prabang [...]', printed by Laovathana : Vientiane
  7. enlarged telegram sent by herman de vries to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam on 3.2.1975
  8. sheet of paper folded two times (4 pages, folded 25 × 32.4 cm), on page 3 ten leaves of a beech tree in two rows and below handwritten text
  9. 1 sheet of paper folded two times (4 pages, folded 25 × 32.4 cm), on page 3 one leave of a beech tree, on page 4 the handwritten text "- poem - herman de vries. 1975
  10. a page of a newspaper (57 × 40 cm), the text is illegible with crosses in black felt pen ["die entscheidungen des dichters I"], signed with pencil
  11. a page of a newspaper (57 × 40 cm), the text is illegible with erasures (lines) in black felt pen, the illustrations still visible ["die entscheidungen des dichters II"], signed with pencil
  12. a sheet of paper as torn from a book (21 × 13 cm) with short text in Dutch and German "een vruchtbare wandeling" | "ein fruchtbare wanderung", printed in black and signed on the reverse
  13. sheet of paper (35 × 50 cm) with traces of a text, later erased; on the reverse the original text from Wittgenstein, Tractatus 7 'wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen'; signed
  14. small sheet of paper (15 × 10.5 cm) with handwritten text 'all', on the reverse signed and dated
  15. on a white sheet of paper (30 × 44 cm) three color photographs are mounted, each 9.0 × 12.8 cm. The photos show footprints on the sand and a gulf; signed on the reverse
  16. a white sheet of paper (30 × 50 cm), empty on the front side ('weiss'); signed on the reverse followed by '(back-side)'
photo/scan: courtesy Lydia Megert Editions, Bern
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
exhibition history
1985 'herman de vries', Galerie Mueller-Roth, Stuttgart
1986 'Herman de Vries', Coracle Press Gallery, London
1989 'herman de vries. natural relations – eine skizze', Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum, Hagen (5 pices from the portfolio)
1998 'herman de vries - reizen 1970-1998. documents of a stream', Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede
published references
text herman de vries, 'een vruchtbare wandeling = eine fruchtbare wanderung', in herman de vries, asiatische & eschenauer texte (artists press : bern 1975). Reprinted in to be : texte - textarbeiten - textbilder (Stuttgart 1995) 80 [also available as recorded text].
text herman de vries, 'über die "asiatische und eschenauer texte"', in exhibition catalogue herman de vries. werken 1954-1980 (Groninger Museum : Groningen 1980) 183-186. Translated in French in herman de vries. les livres & les publications : catalogue raisonné (centre des livres d'artistes/pays-paysage : saint-yrieix-la-perche 2005) 135-138.
text Piet de Jonge, 'De "asiatische & eschenauer text" van Herman de Vries, in Akt Aktueel tijdschrift 5 (1981) 3, 35-48.
catalogue raisonné herman de vries. les livres et les publications : catalogue raisonné (centre des livres d'artistes : Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche 2005) images repr. on pages 133-134, 132 (catalogue number 30).