1973-11-30-195a 1973-11-30-195b 1973-11-30-195c 1973-11-30-195d 1973-11-30-195e 1973-11-30-195f 1973-11-30-195g 1973-11-30-195h

v73-195 random spectral movements

catalogue number: hdv 1973.010.
date created: 1973/1974
classification: drawings
work type: drawing series, drawing edition
medium: [program as v73-149 (sketchbook XIV/ XI)] title page with title, author and date on the first sheet of paper and colophon on the reverse, followed by 7 sheets with vertical lines drawn with colored pencil at a distance of 3 mm (the following drawings with a distance of 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 and 192 mm, the last sheet is empty); the first color line is selected at random and each new line taken left or right from the color range (27 colored pencils [Castell]); in green cardboard portfolio
dimensions: (1 + 8 ×) 20 × 20 cm
signature and inscriptions: [numbered on the reverse of each drawing (pencil)] v73-195/1 etc.
[numbered and signed on the reverse of the last drawing (pencil)] v73-195/8 herman de vries
edition: edition of 7 series
published by Galerie Swart : Amsterdam 1974
current repository: [3/7] collection Centre national des arts plastiques (rep. nr FNAC 03-830)
[4/7] collection herman and susanne de vries
current repository number:
collecting history:
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comment: each sheet is different compared to the same number in other series [notes herman de vries]
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
published references
catalogue raisonné herman de vries. les livres et les publications : catalogue raisonné (centre des livres d'artistes : Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche 2005) no image repr., 119 (catalogue number 25).