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v73-34 wellen III 'between the waves'

catalogue number: hdv 1973.071.19
date created: 1973
classification: photographs
work type: photograph series
medium: 3 colour photographs, taken around 10:30 on April 11, 1973 on the beach of Sidi Moussa d'Aglou, Morocco
signature and inscriptions:
current repository: collection herman and susanne jacob de vries (film nr. FN F13/missing)
collection Groninger Museum, Groningen (rep. number 1979.0505)
current repository number:
collecting history:
related works: chance & change processes & situations, morocco 1973 (Lydia Megert Editions : Bern 1982)
comment: the copy in the Groninger Museum is 30 × 45 cm (framed 48.3 × 66.9 cm) and signed, dated and annotated 'chance & change (situation) process' on the reverse (ink)
photo/scan: studio herman de vries/l-cs
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
exhibition history
1980 'herman de vries. werken 1954-1980', Groninger Museum, Groningen
1989 'herman de vries. my poetry is the world', Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis, Groningen
published references
exhibition catalogue herman de vries. werken 1954-1980 (Groninger Museum : Groningen 1980) image repr. on page 113, 150 (catalogue number 4.14).
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