v70-100 random objectivation

catalogue number: 1970.03.27
executed: 1970
classification: sculpture
object/work type: relief
technique/material: wood on chipboard, white acrylic paint
number (1-50), placement and direction of wooden elements (5 × 5 cm) at random
dimensions: 35 × 35 × 6 cm
signature and inscriptions: [on the reverse]
current location: collection M&M, The Hague
collecting history: collection Ewerdt and Antoinette Hilgemann, Amsterdam (1971)
acquired directly from the artist
related works:
comment: the worknumber was added later
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
published references
article 'Strukturkunst aus Holland. Eine Dokumentation'/ zusammengestellt von Urs und Rös Graf; [text by Hans Sizoo], in Werk. Die schweizer Monatsschrift für Kunst, Architektur, künstlerisches Gewerbe 60 (1973) 11, image repr. on page 1433, 1429-1436; also in Nothpforten-Str. Zeitschrift für zeitgenössische Kunst (1974) not p.; translated in French and English.