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natura artis magistra/humanae vitae

catalogue number: hadv 1969.072.1
date created: 1962 and 1964/1969
classification: audiovisual works
work type: sound work
medium: audio tape with on side 1. recording of birds with parabola receiver on the edge of the forest in Schaarsbergen in 1962 ('natura artis magistra') and on side 2. recording at traffic lights crossing Boulevard Heuvelink and Johan de Wittlaan, Arnhem at 7.30 am 1964 ('humanae vitae')
signature and inscriptions: uninscribed [?]
edition: unknown, not numbered
issued as n° 10 in Ung Dansk Kunst's Tapeserie (Copenhagen 1969)
current repository: collection herman and susanne de vries [?]
current repository number:
collecting history:
related works: the tape was reissued in 1971 on audio cassette by the artist and in 2004 on CDrom 'the music of sound/the sound of music and on LP 'the music of sound 3' in 2018
comment: the reissue was initiated by John Hunov, who was the chairman of Ung Dansk Kunst (Young Danish Art), an association dedicated to the presentation and publication of many Danish (and others) artists of the period. The Tapeseries contained works by Joseph Beuys ('Hier spricht Fluxus', n° 1), Stig Brøgger ('10x rum', n° 2), Henning Christiansen ('Eurasienstab / Fluxorum Organum Op. 39' a.o., n° 3), Poul Gernes (n° 4), Peter Louis-Jensen (n° 5), Per Kirkeby ('Frygt', n° 6), Tom Krøjer (n° 7), Bjørn Nørgard ('Indtil døden udfrier mig', n° 8), Erik Thygessen (n° 9) and herman de vries (n° 10)
photo/scan: archive herman de vries
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
published references
pamphlet 'Foreningen ung Dansk kunst's Tapeserie', Panel 13 Information 1 (Copenhagen 1969) 4.