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v68-136 sketchbook 'de dood' II 'het boek van de lijnen'

catalogue number: hdv 1968.014.2a-u
date created: 1968
classification: works on paper
work typ: drawing series, sketchbook
medium: on each sheet of the sketchbook 1 line (black, red or yellow) is drawn between 2 at random selected points; coloured and graphite pencil on paper, in sketchbook with cardboard covers and metal spiral binding
dimensions: 21 sheets each 21 × 28 cm
signature and inscriptions: signed, dated/work number V68-136' and annotated 'geschenk aan susanne [jacob de vries] I-IV sept. '75 eschenau' + loan/rep. number 'T921-X-1983' notes on the reverse of the cover (pencil)
current repository: collection Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Stuttgart (acquired directly from the artist)
current repository number: DKM Gr. 1011, 2
collecting history:
related works:
comment: 4 sheets also numbered 16-19 in circles; the number refers to the page in the anthology random objectivations (1972)
photo/scan: courtesy Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
rights & reproduction: herman de vries/Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Stuttgart
exhibition history
1980 'herman de vries. werken 1954-1980', Groninger Museum, Groningen
published references
anthology herman de vries, random objectivations. collection autori, 1 (edizioni amodulo : villanuova sul clisi 1972) image repr. on fol. 16-19.
exhibition catalogue herman de vries. werken 1954-1980 (Groninger Museum : Groningen 1980) no image repr. (catalogue number 2.20).