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v67-41 memory, environment and information

catalogue number: hdv 1967.082.12
date created: 1967
classification: works on paper
work type: typewriter graphic
medium: at random selected and placed words from John Z. Young, 'Memory, Heredity and Information', in Evolution as a Process / Julian Huxley (ed.) (Allen & Unwin : London 1954) 281-299 and from the chapter 'Fitness of Environment' in W.C. Allee a.o., Principles of Animal Ecology (W.B. Saunders Company : Philadelphia 1949) - English [program as v67-37]; printing ink on paper (mimeographed)
dimensions: 27.5 × 21.5 cm
signature and inscriptions: titled 'memory, environment and information', signed and dated/work number on the reverse [?]
edition: [published and handprinted by the artist]
edition unknown
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rights & reproduction: herman de vries