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this, this (2003/2005)

first, i wanted freedom for the one who perceives [wahrnehmer], freedom through the objectivity of images free from any psychological content. the freedom of the one who perceives also become my own freedom. thus, my first works were empty but they were white, thus they were "white". then i wanted form but free for the one who perceives and so i discovered randomness [zufall]. i called these works random objectivations.

then i asked myself: "what is randomness?". i first thought randomness was a natural law that would make any development possible. then from the notion of randomness, i came to chance. i realized that the word "random" was on emergency word [hilfswort], a substitute word to describe our inability to identify the knot of causes leading to such and such events. at that time, i tried to develop and make "models": "models of reality built from thought form" [wirklichkeitmodelle von gedachter form]; large random drawings from programmes of various levels of complexity. meanwhile, i had travelled much and discovered that chance did not exist without change. this led me to write chance & change in 1970 whilst in teheran, and soon after, "the chance of the change is the change of the chance and the change of the chance is the chance of the change."

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bibliographic references

herman de vries, 'this, this : a short synthesis', written in 2003 and published in herman de vries. les livres et les publications (centre des livres d'artistes / pays-paysage : saint-yrieix-la-perche 2005) 10-11. Also in French and German.