chance & change

catalogue number: hdv 2007.09.
date created: 2007
classification: video works
medium: 2 DVD, recorded May 1 and 2, 2007 at Weilersbach, Steigerwald by herman de vries, Nico van Breemen, Riekje Wit and susanne jacob de vries. The first DVD contains 'no beginning, no end' (37 min.) and the second 'weilersbach' (47 min.)
signature and inscriptions: []
edition: 36 copies (numbered 1-36) + 10 h.c. (numbered a-j), signed
published by Galerie Wit : Wageningen 2008
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rights & reproduction: herman de vries
exhibition history
2016 'herman de vries. no beginning, no end', Galerie der Stadt Tuttlingen, Tuttlingen