santuary Münster

work number:
executed: 1997
classification: projects
object/work type: sanctuary
technique/material: brickwall, height 3 m, diameter 14 m, thickness 0.4 m sandstone crown, thickness 0.55 m
herman de vries erected a sanctuary on the meadow between the north end of the Schloßgarten and Einsteinstraße, near the Void-Stone by George Brecht. The artist thinks of sanctuary as a protected space, in which he would like to allow an uncultivated, natural garden to grow. For the round wall of his sanctuary, he used the traditional Münster construction materials: bricks, crowned with the typical decorative sandstone. The wall encompasses a circle measuring 14 meters across. Its four oval, eye-level openings allow the visitor to look in. Only their sense of sight allows observers to take part in the natural process of growth occurring within the wall's confines.
dimensions: Ø14 m and height 3 m
signature and inscriptions: inscribed upon the sandstone ledge on top of the wall, above each of the four openings, are writings from the 'Tsá-upanishad'. Roughly translated, they say: "om. this is perfect; that is perfect; perfect comes from perfect; take perfect from perfect and the remainder is perfect."
current location: lawn between north garden of Schloß and Einsteinstraß e, Münster
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rights & reproduction: herman de vries
exhibition history
exhibition catalogue Zeitgenössische Skulptur. Projekte in Münster 1997 [= Contemporary Sculpture. Projects in Münster 1997] Westfälisches Landesmuseum 22. Juni-28. September 1997 (Verlag Gerd Hatje : Ostfildern 1997) 430-435.
monograph herman de vries. chance and change (Thames & Hudson : London 2006) image repr. on pages 126-127.