diary of a visit to pashupatinath

executed: 1989
object/work type: journal
dimensions: (44 ×) 31.0 × 25.0 cm
rights & reproduction: herman de vries

IMAGES (9 out of 44)

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technique/material:mixed techniques (plants, earth rubbings, photographs, artefacts)
descriptive notes:
signature and inscriptions:[on the title page (pencil)] diary of a visit to | pashupatinath | january-february 1989 | herman de vries | with some additional facts from | kritipur, patan, nagarkot, varja barahi, kathmandu & pokhara | 44 p : 0-43
current location:collection DZ Bank, Düsseldorf
collecting history:

history of exhibitions

2001'herman de vries. journale', Galerie Conrads, Düsseldorf
2014'herman de vries. all', Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Schiedam

published references

[publication] Mel Gooding, herman de vries. chance and change (Thames and Hudson : London 2006) images repr. on page 93-94 (10 out of 44).

[exhibition catalogue] herman de vries. all (Stedelijk Museum Schiedam : Schiedam 2014) no image repr., 88.

  1. title page
  2. ficus religiosa
  3. thevetia neriifolia
  4. aerial roots of ficus religiosa
  5. adhatoda vasica
  6. cannabis indica from a field near patan
  7. earth rubbings
  8. skeleton of an epiphytic fern
  9. unidentified leaves