v73-25s a random sample of my visual chances I-III (March 15-18, 1973)
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v73-25s a random sample of my visual chances I-III

catalogue number: hdv 1973.070.
date created: 1973
classification: photographs
work type: photograph series, scrapbook page
medium: photographs, taken on March 14 and 15, 1973 in Nouakchot, Rosso and Dakar (I), on March 15 to 21, 1973 in Dakar, on the plane and Marrakech (II) and on March 20 to 23, 1973 in Marrakech (III); the photos were also (partly) printed for sketchbook XV
signature and inscriptions: []
current repository: collection herman and susanne de vries
collection Sociale Verzekeringsbank, Amstelveen [notes herman de vries]
collection Groninger Museum, Groningen (1979.0504 - 6 photos)
[sketchbook XV] collection Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Stuttgart (DKM Gr. 1011, 15)
current repository number:
collecting history:
related works:
comment: created in cooperation with susanne jacob de vries (s)
film nr. F3, F4, F6 and F9 (FN); see also notizbuch VI
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
exhibition history
1980 'herman de vries. werken 1954-1980', Groninger Museum, Groningen
published references
exhibition catalogue herman de vries. werken 1954-1980 (Groninger Museum : Groningen 1980) images repr. on page 112 (catalogue number 4.13).