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v71-06 (sketch book VI 'arnhem eschenau'/ XII)

work number: 1971-01-27-006
executed: 1971
classification: works on paper
object/work type: drawing
technique/material: pencil, ink in 8 colors, white paper
technique/material: on the intersections of a square grid of 2 × 2 cm, dots in 4 sizes are placed in 8 colors; random selection of size and color
dimensions: 24.0 × 32.0 cm (motif size 24.0 × 24.0 cm)
signature and inscriptions: [on the front (pencil)] some notes on the program
[on the reverse (pencil)] V71-06 I / herman de vries
current location: collection Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Stuttgart
collecting history: acquired directly from the artist
related works:
comment: the last drawing in this sketch book is from 1969 (v69-64). herman de vries made a second (II) copy of this work for a private collector in Rotterdam
rights & reproduction: herman de vries