complete series of 7 reliefs for D.W. van Krevelen
  • 1965-12-22-0300
  • 1966-02-00-0110
  • 1966-02-00-0120
  • 1966-02-00-0130
  • 1966-02-00-0140
  • 1966-03-25-0180
  • 1966-03-23-0190
  • 1965-12-22-030a

1966/18 toevals-objectivering

catalogue number: hdv 1966.062.5
date created: 1966
classification: sculpture
work type: relief
medium: wooden blocks of different sizes, 7 of each size, arranged at random, on chipboard and white paint
dimensions: 78.6 × 71 × 5 cm
signature and inscriptions: titled '"toevals-objectivering"', signed, dated and work number '1966/18' on the reverse (felt pen)
current repository: private collection, The Netherlands acquired through Galerie Wit, Wageningen (2015))
current repository number:
collecting history: in 1965, D.W. van Krevelen (Director of Research at DSM and AKZO) commissioned herman de vries to design and make seven 'random objectivations', for installation in a box ceiling in the living room of his villa in Arnhem
related works:
comment: each relief of the series of seven, rests on four small metal supports placed in the beams (originally dark dyed/stained, now white), which define the ceiling boxes. The sketch of the ceiling up here shows which boxes were fitted with a relief. The position of the individual reliefs as it was in October 2014. The original positions are unknown but were almost certainly different (as indicated by an earlier photo, taken around 2004, when the individual reliefs were placed differently) [source: courtesy Nico van Breemen/Galerie Wit, Wageningen]
photo/scan: Joy DeKok, courtesy Nico van Breemen/Galerie Wit, Wageningen
rights & reproduction: herman de vries
published references
exhibition catalogue Nederlandse beeldhouwkunst '64 - '69 (Centraal Museum : Utrecht 1969) image repr. on page 303 (catalogue number 235).