the project


The project will be an ongoing project for a long time. We even don't know at this moment if we will succeed at all. To date, only one publication that uncovers part of the work of de vries has been published. In 2005 the Centre des livres d'artistes published herman de vries : les livres et les publications. catalogue raisonné (Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche 2005). les livres et les publications includes de vries' books and publications and a large part of his editions.

In the future a second publication might be possible, covering his 'random objectivations'. French art historian Aurélie Tiffreau researches this group of the artist's works. During the years 1966-1975 de vries meticulously kept track of the works he produced and the programs he used for this category of work. This document is invaluable for the study of this period.

As far as this online project concerns, it focuses on herman de vries' archive containing a considerable collection of photographs, slides, transparencies and digitized images that document a wide range of his works. Its aims are as follows:

  • store the available digitized images and add the metadata to a database (excel);
  • scan and store the photographs (some in color, most in black & white) and add the metadata to the database;
  • digitise and store the collection of transparencies (ektachromes) and slides and add the metadata to the database;
  • make the above available to scholars, researchers and all interested in the work of herman de vries through the website

At this moment the first two aims are in process.

Lilian and Co Seegers
January 2014

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