the catalogue


The digital catalogue here presented aims to be a first list of works by herman de vries. The catalogue collects the following data on each known work:


  • title
    • The titles are in english. If the title in its English version follows a name or designation in German or French, either determined by the artist himself or by information from contemporary sources, this will be quoted in the category 'signature, marks and inscriptions' in its original wording. The designation of a work is primarily the title on the reverse of the drawing, or is taken from documents written by de vries.
  • executed (year)
    • Details referring to the date when a work was produced are added to a particular year. They reflect the information provided by the artist in conjunction with the drawing in question. If the artist himself has specified the dating of a piece of work by including the day and the month of its completion, then such details are listed up in the category 'signature, marks and inscriptions'.
  • classification
  • object/work type
  • materials and technique description
  • dimensions
    • The sizes are given in cm, height × width × depth. In the case of works on paper, the size of the paper and also the size of the picture are stated, in (). For print graphics the size of the board is listed. Dimensions of installations are mostly variable.
  • signature, marks and inscriptions
    • Details regarding the signature of a work follow its titling. If no comments have otherwise been added, such signatures stem from the hand of the artist. In all cases the work number was added and occasionally a stamp. | separate words or phrases that are placed below or above each other.
  • edition
  • descriptive notes
  • current location and current location repository number
  • collecting history/provenance
  • comment
    • In this category background information can be accessed which is directly relevant to a particular work. Such information includes the following: references to important documents, comments about possible dating discrepancies and disputes relating to features and qualities attributed to the artwork, background details on the motifs and the characters represented and any possible special features regarding the techniques used in the creation of the work.
  • photo/scan
  • rights and reproduction

history of exhibitions


  • Textual and bibliographic references.

The works in the digital catalogue are not numbered. Only for the years 1966-1976 herman de vries kept a record of all the works made. A work number consists of 3 (or 4) elements: v [= vries] + year of completion + number in the year of completion + (optional) attachment [s for susanne, b for Biddle, s for Wolfgang Sprang and t for (Na)Tasja Kaindl]. de vries’ use of (english) language is sometimes inventive. In all cases his own forms have been retained. For all his texts de vries uses lower case letters (including work titels). However, in the 1960s and 1970s some titles have capitals. Both have been retained: lower case in the work number and capitals where appropriate in the signed, titled, inscribed.

It was not always possible to reproduce top-quality images, as either the necessary reproduction copies were not available, or because the works could not be located. This deficiency in quality has been accepted as it seemed more important to at least present an image of the work.
Low-resolution versions of the images included in the project are available for download. These images are for educational and reference purposes only. All images, unless otherwise specified, are courtesy the photographer/institution. Copyright for the artworks is held by herman de vries.

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