sanctuarium: natura mater

executed: 2015
object/work type: santuary
dimensions: at the Lazaretto Vecchio, located in the Venice lagoon
photo: Peter Foolen, Eindhoven
rights & reproduction: herman de vries


descriptive notes:[..] the lagoon itself,forms part of the exhibition as a natural, historical and ecological biotope. it is possible to visit one of the islandfs, the lazaretto vecchio, to experience the reality of the lagoon and of all - this - here. a second key work [besides the journal in the pavilion, CS] of this exhibition, the sanctuarium: natura mater, is located on this island. it is a derelict building where nature is taking over human history from inside with wild flowering and fruit trees, grasses, sedge and brambles. [source: herman de vries. to be all ways to be (Valiz/Mondriaan Fund : Amsterdam 2015) 25.]
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history of exhibitions

2015Biennale Arte 2015, at the Lazaretto Vecchio, Venice

published references

[exhibition catalogue] herman de vries. to be all ways to be (Valiz/Mondriaan Fund : Amsterdam 2015) image repr. on page 25, 205 and 231-245.