santuary munster, 1997

santuary münster

executed: 1997
object/work type: outdoor project
dimensions: Ø14 m and height 3 m
photo: (2007)
rights & reproduction: herman de vries


technique/material:brickwall, height 3 m, diameter 14 m, thickness 0.4 m sandstone crown, thickness 0.55 m
descriptive notes:herman de vries erected a sanctuary on the meadow between the north end of the Schloßgarten and Einsteinstraße, near the Void-Stone by George Brecht. The artist thinks of sanctuary as a protected space, in which he would like to allow an uncultivated, natural garden to grow. For the round wall of his sanctuary, he used the traditional Münster construction materials: bricks, crowned with the typical decorative sandstone. The wall encompasses a circle measuring 14 meters across. Its four oval, eye-level openings allow the visitor to look in. Only their sense of sight allows observers to take part in the natural process of growth occurring within the wall's confines.
signature and inscriptions:inscribed upon the sandstone ledge on top of the wall, above each of the four openings, are writings from the 'Tsá-upanishad'. Roughly translated, they say: "om. this is perfect; that is perfect; perfect comes from perfect; take perfect from perfect and the remainder is perfect."
current location:lawn between north garden of Schloß and Einsteinstraß e, Münster
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published references

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[publication] herman de vries. chance and change (Thames & Hudson : London 2006) image repr. on pages 126-127.