executed: 1992
object/work type: collage
dimensions: (28 ×) 36.0 × 75.0 cm + 1 small part with title and signature
together 144.0 × 537.0 cm
photo: courtesy CentrePasquArt, Biel/Bienne
rights & reproduction: herman de vries


classification:prints and drawings
technique/material:organic material (oak leaves collected at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh) mounted on paper
descriptive notes:
signature and inscriptions:
current location:collection Stiftung Kunsthaus-Sammlung CentrePasquArt, Biel/Bienne
collecting history:

history of exhibitions

1993Galerie Mueller-Roth, Stuttgart
1998Stadthaus Ulm, Ulm
2002Musée cantonal des beaux-arts, Lausanne
2009Schloss Moyland, Bedburg Hau
2010Kunsthalle Schweinfurt, Schweinfurt
2012CentrePasquArt, Biel/Bienne

published references

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1st row (left to right):
quercus pubescens
quercus petraea 'appenina'
quercus acutissima
quercus glandulifera
quercus x morehus
quercus robur
quercus lanata
2nd row:
quercus myrsinifolia
quercus libani
quercus coccinea
quercus ilex
quercus x hickelii
quercus virgiliana
quercus pyrenaica
3rd row:
quercus pontica
quercus aegilops piramii
quercus suber
quercus cerris
quercus lyrata
quercus frainetto
quercus trojana
4th row:
quercus petraea mespilifolia
quercus x hispanica 'lucombeana'
quercus macranthera
quercus pyrenaica 'pendula'
quercus x rosacea
quercus glandulifera
quercus rubra maxima