v73-215 (sketchbook OOO, sheet IV)

executed: 1973
object/work type: drawing (sketchbook)
dimensions: 24.0 × 32.0 cm (24.0 × 24.0 cm)
photo: courtesy Lydia Megert Editions, Bern
rights & reproduction: herman de vries


classification:prints and drawings
technique/material:black ink, paper
descriptive notes:in a 2 × 2 cm square grid, elements (lines 0.4 mm) are placed diagonally 'at random' (top left to bottom right or top right to bottom left).
signature and inscriptions:[on the front, top left (pencil)] IV
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published references

[publication] herman de vries. random objectivations. Collane autori I (Edizioni Amodulo : Villanuova sul Clisi 1972).